Daniel Bryant with Joseph Sun

Daniel Bryant with Joseph Sun

Financial fitness is important and my good friend Joseph Sun, CEO of Hong Kong-based Solaris Capital, is graciously providing every Northwestern University/Kellogg graduate with a copy of the Financial Wellness Mandate! Go Cats Class of 2022!

IRS Delivers Covid-19 Surprise To Workers

Wish you could change your health plan for 2021? In newly released guidance on new flexible rules for healthcare and dependent care FSAs, the Internal Revenue Service has included a new Covid-19-relief surprise: Employers can allow employees to make changes...

Daniel Bryant on Outcomes Podcast

“Financial Wellness” is the phrase currently permeating the 401(k) industry. What it boils down to for Daniel Bryant, President of National Sales, Retirement and Private Wealth at Sheridan Road Financial is, “How do we help participants help themselves?” Daniel has...