IRS Delivers Covid-19 Surprise To Workers

Wish you could change your health plan for 2021? In newly released guidance on new flexible rules for healthcare and dependent care FSAs, the Internal Revenue Service has included a new Covid-19-relief surprise: Employers can allow employees to make changes prospectively to health care coverage for 2021…

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Daniel Bryant on Outcomes Podcast

“Financial Wellness” is the phrase currently permeating the 401(k) industry. What it boils down to for Daniel Bryant, President of National Sales, Retirement and Private Wealth at Sheridan Road Financial is, “How do we help participants help themselves?” Daniel has worked with some of the most prestigious behavioral finance minds in the finance world. What is the single issue that is preventing employees from saving more in their 401(k)? (8:11) Is technology the answer? Which technologies have been thrust to the forefront because of the current pandemic? (15:05) What is the one potential challenge to mass adoption of technology? And how does an advisor with a small practice prepare the digital-based industry coming five years from now? (28:16)

Three Who Lead The Way: Past Retirement Plan Advisers of the Year discuss participant services.

Last month, I had the pleasure of talking with PLANADVISER Magazine on the 5th Anniversary of Sheridan Road being named the country’s leading Multi-Office Retirement Advisory firm to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on financial wellness and how things have changed since we became the Retirement Plan Adviser of the Year. Hats off to both Rita Fiumara and Rick Wedge for being part of the article as well! Click the link below to read more.


Three Who Lead the Way

Financial Literacy More Important to Americans Than Health and Wellness

Financial literacy is a survival skill that everyone needs,’ a recent Schwab survey found. History shows that every time our country faces a crisis – whether it’s COVID-19, Hurricane Katrina, or 9/11 – the need for greater financial literacy becomes more apparent.

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